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The purpose of this foundation is to help visually impaired children discover the benefits of music. Our simple goal is to empower and enrich as many of these children as we can by giving them musical instruments and opportunities.

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Urgent Cause

Tennessee School for the Blind

Located not far from where Jack and Tammy live, TSB was the first school to meet with Matty’s Vision and the first one to receive a gift from the foundation. Dr. Martin Monson and staff...
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55% Donated/$9,000 To Go

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Tennessee School for the Blind

55% Donated/$9,000 To Go
Located not far from where Jack and Tammy live, TSB was the first school to...
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Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired

62% Donated/$7,500 To Go
The state of Indiana where Tammy’s husband, Jack Klinefelter aka Papa Jack, hails from has...
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Matty’s Vision: A Hal Rugg Foundation

60% Donated/$4,000 To Go
If you’re unsure about a specific cause you would like to donate towards simply donate...
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Who is Hal Rugg?

Learn more about the history of Matty's Vision.

Really the most incredible thing about him was how down to earth he was. Other then the late night jam sessions we lived an amazingly normal life. The way he interacted with folks at home, in the community, and at church would have given no one a clue as to his resume. I will mention some career accomplishments but before I do let me tell a short story which will help prove the point that Dad did so much that he couldn’t come close to…

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